Post Operation Care

Everything you need to know to help your pet recover from surgery

Spay & Neuter Care

  • Keep your pet inside during recovery.
  • Strict cage rest for 7-10 days (No running outside, no jumping on/off furniture, leash walk outside).
  • Keep cone on for 7 days to ensure your pet isn’t licking or chewing the incision site.
  • Check incision every day for proper healing.
  • Don’t bathe your pet for 10 days post-surgery.
  • Give pain medication as directed.

Schedule suture/staple removal 7-10 days post-surgery.


Call us if:

  • You see redness, swelling, or a discharge at the incision site
  • Your pet is uncomfortable, lethargic, eating less, vomiting or has diarrhea

+49 856 9568 95

39 Lion Street

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