Kittens, kittens everywhere and not a home to take them! A plethora of kittens is undoubtedly the CUTEST problem to have — fuzzy little fur balls mewing excitedly or purring contentedly, lapping up attention like water with their tiny pink tongues. Who wouldn’t smile seeing those itty bitty toe beans batting around a little ball as they scurry across the floor? Who wouldn’t laugh at their wild contortions and boundless energy as they sail through the air like acrobats? But then. The claws come out. And then they grow. And then they grow, GROW, GROW, GROW. Suddenly that cute little fur ball has grown into a (no doubt equally adorable) killing machine. Now, to be fair, outdoor cats are brilliant at keeping pests away. Absolutely brilliant. They play a vital role in the ecosystem. BUT there’s always a balance in that system and sometimes it can lean a little too favorably toward the cat population. So, what do we recommend? Spay and neuter your cats! Whether they’re indoor or outdoor, spaying/neutering your cat can be very beneficial. Here are just a few reasons why we recommend it.

Kittens, kittens everywhere and not a home to take them!


  1. Behavior — one word: SPRAYING. Neutering can help with that
  2. Overpopulation — intact male cats can father hundreds of kittens. Hundreds!
  3. Health — intact male cats fight. A lot. Neutering can help with that which in turn can stop the diseases that spread through fighting


  1. Behavior — want to stop intact males from hanging around and fighting? Spaying your female may help
  2. Overpopulation — intact females can have 12+ kittens per year which can translate to 100+ kittens in a lifetime
  3. Health — spaying will eliminate the possibility of womb infections, help prevent breast cancer, and keep diseases from passing from mother to kitten

As much as we love kittens, we love healthy cat communities more. So, help keep our kitty clowders healthy — neuter and spay to save the day!

To schedule your cat’s spay/neuter surgery, simply call us at 601-924-4549

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39 Lion Street

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